Development of Uyghur Voice Control System Based on Smart Phone


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title={Development of Uyghur Voice Control System Based on Smart Phone},
author={M. Maimaiti, Wushour Slamu, Nuermaimaiti Youliwasi, Reyiman Tuerxun, and Ainiwar Tuoheti},
booktitle={Computer Applications and Software},


With the purpose of implementing Uyghur command words recognition,we elaborately studied the development and implementation process of Uyghur command words recognition system on Android platform,introduced the development difficulties,core technologies and typical functions of the system. The system was developed mainly using Android SDK,eclipse integrated development environment and API interfaces,and realised the functions of correct display and processing of multiple texts of Uyghur,Chinese and English through automatic styles selection rule. Aiming at different speaking styles of the majority of users,we rebuilt Uyghur voice and grammar files,and solved the problem of different dialects around the Region. Moreover we gained the testing results of right recognition rate of 90. 56% and the successful implementation rate of 85% in the experiment made in usual Lab condition,this showed that in the research of Uyghur non-specific command words recognition,the structure and construction of grammar files had different effects on system.

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